Next generation shipping


Hippalus matches senders with
drivers that are already heading in
that direction. Now, today or
tomorrow. Its up to you.


Its all about saving money for
the shipper and helping the
driver with their driving costs.
Everyone wins.


Drivers have been screened and your shipment can be tracked in real time from the time it is picked up to the time it has been delivered.

Hippalus makes life better
for everyone

Hippalus is all about transporting things in a secure and simple way. People need to ship things and there are lots of people already going there. Hippalus uses proprietary technology to match people who need stuff shipped with people already heading that way. We find drivers who are willing to drive a little extra time minutes to deliver something and make a few bucks doing it.

Transporting things has never been easier

Sender and driver
work together

There are no middlemen
charging fees and slowing
down the process.

Safe and

Using the Ethereum blockchain for your contracts, all transactions are secure, transparent and the money is quickly transferred between parties when the delivery has been completed.


No more

As part of making the deal, you get to set the time for pickup and delivery, as well as the price.


All monies are held in your secure digital wallet in Ethereum cryptocurrency called Hippo tokens. It is easy to exchange for local currency, convert to other cryptocurrency or keep your tokens for additional services.

Delivering on a promise of trust